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The Book: 
As It Is In Heaven
By Fr. Paul A. F. Castellano

Have you ever wondered why there are so many different ways for Christians to organize and worship? If you come from an evangelical church, do you puzzle over the practices in traditional liturgical churches -- why they do all the kneeling, sitting, standing, and everyone reciting the same thing at the same time? Do you sometimes feel there's something missing in your own worship service? If you attend a traditional church, do you understand why your church has a liturgy? Does it seem meaningless to you -- as if you're only going through the motions with little to no spiritual impact on your life? As It Is in Heaven, written by Father Paul A. F. Castellano, uncovers the answers to these and many more questions about the traditional church and the governmental structures that support it. As you read, you will gain deep biblical understanding about these structures, helping to enrich the foundations of your faith and give you a new appreciation for the traditions that have stood the test of time.

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