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Rev. Fr. Paul Anthony Francis Castellano, Ph.D

Canon Theologian and Vocations Formation for the Reformed Anglican Church, Priest-at-Large in Missionary Diocese of the Holy Spirit, Reformed Anglican Church

                                                                 Education:                                                          Year(s):

Ph.D. (candidate, Systematic/Historical Theology – Ecclesiology),                           2020 (Accepted)

Kings College, University of Aberdeen                                                                          2022 (Deferred)


Ph.D. (Sacred Theology – Ecclesiology - unaccredited)

“A Biblical, Historical, and Theological defense of High Church Anglicanism.”

St. Andrews Theological College and Seminary                                                           2021


ThM (Ecclesiastical Theology - Summa Cum Laude ­- unaccredited)                        

St. Andrews Theological College and Seminary                                                          2006-2011


M.A. (philosophy): California State University: Los Angeles                                    2007-2009


Post-Graduate Studies (philosophy)                            

California State University: Long Beach                                                                       1996-1997


Post-Graduate Studies (philosophy/theology)

University of Strasbourg, France                                                                                   1994-1995


M.A. (in religion, emphasis in theology and apologetics)

Westminster Theological Seminary                                                                              1989-1991


B.A. (philosophy)

California State University: Long Beach                                                                      1986-1989


                                                                   Areas of Specialization:

Epistemology (concentrating upon Religious Epistemology),

Metaphysics, Philosophy of Language,

Philosophy of Mind, Systematic/Historical Theology  


                                                                  Areas of Competence:

German Idealism (Kant, Fichte Hegel), Philosophy of Religion,

Apologetics, Theology of Liturgics.



                                                                 Employment History:

Latimer Theological Institute, UECNA                                                                  2018-2021

Chairman of the Board of Directors


Latimer Theological Institute, UECNA                                                                 2012-2021

Professor of Theology and Philosophy.


St. Andrews Theological College and Seminary,

Assistant Professor of Theology and Philosophy                                               2007-2011


Experian, Orange, Ca,

Manager of Training and Development for Call Center Operations              2000-2002


Sprint PCS, Irvine, Ca,

Manager of Call Center Operations                                                                     1999-2000


Westec Security, Irvine, Ca,

Manager Call Center Operations                                                                         1998-1999


Westec Security, Irvine, Ca,

Supervisor of Call Center Operations                                                                 1996-1998


Westec Security, Irvine, Ca,

Team Lead Call Center Operations                                                                      1996


Concordia University, Irvine, Ca

Lecturer in Philosophy and Religion                                                                  1993-1994


Carden Middle School,

5th – 7th grades, History, Science, Religion                                                       1993-1994


CSSS, Anaheim, Ca,

Supervisor Call Center Operations                                                                     1991-1993


CSSS Anaheim, Ca,

Asst. Supervisor Call Center Operations                                                           1989-1991



Vicar-General to the Bishop of the Missionary Bishop of the West,                2012 - 2021



Canon to the Presiding Bishop of the OAC, Thomasville, NC .                       2011-2012


Vicar, St. Patrick’s Anglican Church, Orthodox Anglican Church,                  2007 - 2011

Highland, CA.                         


2 years of congregational ministry under

Rector of St. Jude’s Anglican Church, Tucson, AZ                                             2006-2008


Ordained to the Priesthood, Orthodox Anglican Church,                                3 June 2007.


Ordained to the Diaconate, Orthodox Anglican Church,                                  20 May 2006.


17 years as a licensed Lay Reader.                                                                        1989-2006

15 years in Management and Supervision                                                          1989-2004


Certified Trainer and Facilitator of Zenger Miller,

“Frontline Leadership Course.”                                                                            1997


Completed Rio Hondo 911 Complaint Dispatcher Course.                               1997

Attended Seminar, “Guide for Step by Step Supervising of Employees.”      1997


Attended Seminar, “Management Success.”                                                        1997


Completed Zenger Miller, “Frontline Leadership Course.”                              1996


Director of Communication for Christians United for Reformation                1991-

(C.U.R.E.; Currently affiliated with the Alliance of Confessing                        1994



Instructor in Christian Education (various churches including but not            1985-

limited to: Grace Brethern Long Beach, CA [3 years], Faith Orthodox              1991

Presbyterian Church, Long Beach, CA [ 4 years].


Completed, “Advanced Army Leadership Training Course,”

Ft. Bragg, N.C.                                                                                                          1982


Completed, “Noncommissioned Officers Leadership

and Management Training Course;”                                                                     1978
Aviano Air Base, Italy.                                                                                                            


Trained (Intermediate level) in Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint,

and Microsoft Works.




Christians United for Reformation,

Director of Communications (full time volunteer)                                             1989-1993


Youth for Christ, associate, Winona Lake, IN                                                      1980




“As it is in Heaven: A Biblical, Historical, Theological Introduction                2021

to the Traditional Church and Her Worship.”

Wheatmark Publications, AZ



Unified Training Manual for Call Center Operations,

Experian, Orange, Ca                                                                                              2000


Chapter contributor (Savior and Lord) to the book,                                          1993

"The Lordship of Christ" published by Baker Book House

(Original edition).                                           


Journal Articles:

“The Lordship of Christ” in Modern Reformation Journal,                              1993 

Christians United for Reformation


“Two Peoples or One?”  in Modern Reformation Journal,

Christians United for Reformation                                                                        1991



                                                                   References are available upon request.

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