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  • Fr. Paul A. F. Castellano

Where Will Your Tomb Lead You?

In anticipation of our journey through Holy Week, beginning with The "Triumphal Entry" on Palm Sunday, let us reflect on an element of Holy Week not often considered.

The culmination of Holy Week is NOT the crucifixion. It is not the death of Jesus. The procession of the Triumphal Entry for the Jews was the anticipation that their King would vanquish their enemies, defeat their oppressors, and reestablish the glory of the Davidic Kingdom.

The procession of the Triumphal Entry for Jesus was the inexorable events of cleansing, purging, and confrontation leading to His execution.

The Jews got EXACTLY what they wanted, the vanquishing of their greatest enemy! Only, they didn't fully comprehend who THEIR REAL ENEMY WAS - Sin and Death!

No, the culmination of Holy Week is on the 8th day after the Triumphal Entry; the 8th day where every Jew, from birth, received the sign of the promise of redemption - the sign of circumcision; this 8th day where the blood of Jesus, the blood that would renew the covenant of promise for the seed of Abraham, NOT THE BLOOD OF ANIMALS, would be applied to all the True seed of Abraham, all True Jews, and no one else, all who by faith alone trust in Christ. As the old sign of redemption in the Passover, was given to all Jews, who by faith believed for what it stood, THIS NEW SIGN OF the promise of Redemption, would be given to all and only those who availed themselves, by faith, of it.

The Resurrection of Jesus on the 8th day after the Triumphal Entry is the guarantee of that promise of redemption because as His grave, His tomb could not hold Him, by His work, no grave or tomb can hold those who are His.

That one empty Tomb provides the hope and guarantee that ALL TOMBS WILL BE EMPTY! The only question now is, to which location will one find themselves after they leave their tomb?

By faith in Jesus, will one ascend to Heavenly Glory?

In the rejection of Jesus, will the thin spider's web upon which all are held, in the sovereign hand of God, be licked up by the flames of perdition, sending us, dropping us, headlong to hell?

Use this Holy time wisely to contemplate your final location.

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