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The Struggle is Real: "What is Critical Theory/Critical Race Theory?"

I had decided this week to go into an explanation of CT/CRT. I've changed my mind. Instead, I'm going to link an article from "Imprimis," a journal of sorts, affiliated with Hillsdale College. The author, Christopher F. Rufo, does a very good job of explaining CT/CRT and showing some of the deleterious effects it is having and will have, on us.

Next week, I intend to comment on a couple of sections in the article and show how the source of CT/CRT, Hegel's Dialectical Idealism, distorted by Marx's Dialectical Materialism, plays out. My final missive will be on the religious rivulets implied by all of this. But for this week, enjoy Mr. Rufo.

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Jan 18, 2023

I had recently seen the 2019 film America Lost by Christopher Rufo... and then you recommended him here. NICE

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