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I Wonder?

***A brief editorial comment prior to beginning. After 2 months of being away for various unforeseen reasons, we are back. Our last post, which began a series on Critical Theory entitled, "The Struggle is Real," will resume next week with the blog, "Of What is Critical Theory Critical?"***

As I sit here reflecting upon yesterday's Lord's Day, I being to wonder.

I wonder what people actually think about participation in Holy Communion?

I wonder, if people took seriously that, the Lord's Day is not an option among other options on Sunday? But that it is a command to meet with the holy, sovereign, triune God of the universe.

I wonder if people understood the awesomeness of that command? Of that privilege? To be able to meet and commune, if only for a brief period, with the Living God!

I wonder if people realize, as they sit in their pews laughing, joking, catching up on the previous weeks' happenings, socializing, that, they are sitting, in a very real and tangible sense, in the very presence of God!?

I wonder if people realize that they, having been commanded by God to meet Him, are sitting in His very house?!

I wonder why people aren't sitting in awe, in reverence, in silent prayer, to prepare themselves to spend the next hour or so, worshipping God, giving due worth to God, acknowledging that, without the work of Christ, their utter sinfulness would never allow them to experience this marvelous, joyous, humbling privilege?

I wonder if people understand and recognize that, they are receiving God's Word from the mouth of God's appointed representative? That, in a short moment, they will receive the very body and blood of Jesus by the means of the bread and wine and what that truly entails?

I wonder if people take seriously what it means to have an appointed time, in an appointed place, to "stand" in the presence of Almighty God? After all, it is a fearful thing; God has demanded your presence!

I wonder, if people truly considered and took these matters to heart, earnestly, how the world's perception of Christ would be affected? How our lives would change?

I'm just wondering.

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